During this time the CDC and Jefferson County Department of Health asked us to take several precautions. We are asking all of our employees, and customers to work with us during this National emergency.

  1. Our drivers and staff are instructed to wash their hands often for at least 20 seconds.

  2. Our office staff is equipped with hand sanitizer, soap, and gloves to handle money so not to pass the virus from money to people.

  3. We are asking our customers, IF ABLE to find alternative means of transportation rather than riding with our drivers to help maintain "social distancing".

  4. Our office hours are limited to allow our staff to clean and sanitize areas open to the public after each customer.

  5. Our drivers are working out of their trucks and out of their homes so they do not come in contact with people more than necessary.

  6. If you need to pick up a car please call first so we can arrange a time for our staff to properly clean areas you will be in between customers.

  7. If you are sick we will work with you on any storage fees during this emergency. Do not expose more people to your sickness even if it is not COVID19.

  8. We have to take this one day at a time. The CDC and Jefferson County Department of Health are consistently updating their standards to mitigate this disease.

  9. Please call us with any questions.

  10. (205) 854-4646
    28 22ND AVE NW

"we're always on our tows!"