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Disclaimer: We are not liable for any lost or damaged property. Please be advised that storage fees amount to a minimum of $50 per day. For the removal of items from your vehicle, it is mandatory to furnish valid proof of ownership. To retrieve any belongings from impounded vehicles, a release form issued by the Sheriff's Department or the relevant impound authority is mandatory. Kindly note that our office hours for impounded vehicles are Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, excluding holidays. Please be aware that we can only accept cash payments for impounded vehicles.

Unlock Policy

By engaging the services of Foster Wrecker Service, you acknowledge and agree that we will exercise reasonable and customary care when attempting to open your vehicle. It is important to understand that vehicle manufacturers design and construct their vehicles to prevent unauthorized entry without a key. Consequently, there is a risk of potential damage to glass, rubber, paint, wiring, locking mechanisms, or other components while attempting to gain entry without a key. You hereby release and indemnify Foster Wrecker Service, its agents, representatives, employees, and any associated employers from any liability or responsibility for any such damages that may occur during the process of attempting to gain entry to your vehicle or during towing. This release of liability extends to the vehicle's manufacturer, distributor, or any parties involved in providing entry tools. It is your sole responsibility to assume any risks associated with the attempted entry, and you hold Foster Wrecker Service harmless from any claims, damages, or losses arising from such attempts.

Impound aggrement

This Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into between Foster Wrecker Service ("Indemnitee") and the undersigned party ("Indemnitor") for the provision of wrecker service and towing. WHEREAS, Indemnitee is engaged in the business of providing wrecker service and towing to the general public, and possesses various vehicles to facilitate these services; and WHEREAS, Indemnitor requires the services of Indemnitee and may request towing or wrecker service from time to time; and WHEREAS, the undersigned has contracted with Indemnitee to remove a vehicle that may be stolen, abandoned, lost, or of unknown status on the undersigned premises; NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:
1. Indemnitee shall provide towing and wrecker services at the request of Indemnitor and shall be compensated for such services.
2. Indemnitor agrees to indemnify and hold Indemnitee harmless from any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, costs, expenses, including attorney fees, arising from towing and storage of the vehicle at the request of Indemnitor. This includes claims arising from the failure of Indemnitor or those acting under their authority to comply with statutes, ordinances, regulations, or requirements of any governmental authority in connection with wrecker service, towing, or vehicle repossession.
3. Indemnitor agrees to defend Indemnitee against any claims or actions brought or filed against them with respect to the repossession, removal, or towing of any vehicles requested by Indemnitor or on their behalf. This defense obligation applies regardless of the validity of such claims or actions. Indemnitee shall not incur any expenses, losses, or liabilities in relation to such claims or actions.
4. All parties agree that Indemnitee has relied upon the representations made by Indemnitor in entering into this Agreement. The consideration charged by Indemnitee for future services rendered to Indemnitor is based, in part, on the representations made herein.
5. The indemnitor has no knowledge of any alleged owner or has made reasonable attempts to provide due process notice to any alleged owner or party with an interest in the vehicle. The indemnitor further acknowledges that the abandoned vehicle is obstructing or impairing the use of the property, is deemed as junk, or causing other problems, necessitating its removal.
This Agreement sets forth the understanding and agreement between the parties and shall be binding upon them, their successors, assigns, and legal representatives.

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