Term and Conditions


Not responsible for any lost or damaged property. Storage is a minimum of $40 per day. In order to remove items from the vehicle, YOU must provide proof of ownership. A release form from the Sheriff’s department or department responsible for impound is required for all impounded vehicles to remove any items. Office hours for impounded vehicles are Monday-Friday, 8-5, barring holidays. We can only accept cash for impounded vehicles.

Unlock Policy

You understand that Foster Wrecker Service will exercise usual and ordinary care in attempting to open vehicle. You also understand that manufacturers design and construct vehicles to guard against entry without a key. As such, you understand that it is possible to damage glass, rubber, paint, wiring, the locking mechanism, and or other mechanisms or devices while attempting to attain entry without the use of a key. You agree to hold harmless the aforementioned individual and or company, Foster Wrecker Service for any such damages that might occur in the course of attempting to gain entry to this vehicle and or towing. This shall also apply to any employer that is represented as well as the manufacturer or distributor or the entry tools.

Tow Authorization Agreement

Whereas, indemnitee is engaging in the business of providing wrecker service, and or towing to the general public, and further that indemnitee has various vehicles to provide these services to the public, and, whereas, indemnitor has need for indemnities' services and from time to time requests that indemnitee conduct it's towing or wrecker service for indemnitor. Now, therefore, the parties hereto agree as follows: That indemnitee will provide certain towing and wrecker services at the request of the indemnitor and that indemnitee will receive compensation for such services. That the undersigned has contracted with the indemnitee to remove a vehicle that may be stolen, abandoned, and or lost or whose status is unknown on the undersigned premises. That indemnitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless from and against all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, costs, any and all loss, attorney fees or any other expense of any nature arising to the towing and or storage of the vehicle at the request of indemnitor from any third parties arising out of the failure of indemnitor or those acting under their authority to conform to the statues, ordinances, or other regulations or requirements of any governmental authority, in connection with the wrecker service, towing, or removing or repossession of vehicles. Indemnitor agrees to defend and all claims brought or actions filed against indemnitee with respect to the repossession, removal or towing of any vehicles requested by indemnitor to be moved by indemnitee or others acting in their behalf and any other subject of this agreement, whether such claim or actions are rightfully or wrongfully brought or filed. In case a claim should be brought or action filed against indemnitee, indemnitee shall incur no expenses, losses or liability. It is agreed by all parties hereto that the indemnitee has relied upon indemnitor's representation set out herein entering into this agreement and part of the consideration charged by the indemnitee for future services rendered to the indemnitor are based on the representations set out herein. That the undersigned represents to Foster Wrecker Service that the undersigned has no knowledge of any alleged owner, and or has attempted to give due process notice to any alleged owner or party having an interest therein. That the abandoned vehicle is blocking or impairing with success the use of the property, is junk or causing other problems to the undersigned and needs to be removed.

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